Writing Services

Well crafted, clearly expressed, easy to read content that is carefully tailored to its audience.

Tricia has written professionally for over 30 years. She has developed and authored a wide range of information media: books, children's stories, youth support materials, leaflets, magazine columns and articles, information sheets, a board game, training programmes, support group modules, worksheets and website content. She has written for all age groups, with her work being used both nationally and internationally.

Tricia's specialty is information and key messages that build resilience, life skills and good mental health and wellbeing, empowering those facing life's toughest situations.

Her professional skills include all those needed to bring an information resource from concept to reality. Her writing services include:

  • books/handbooks
  • leaflets/booklets
  • eBooks
  • articles
  • columns
  • content research
  • web content
  • social media content
  • newsletter features
  • project planning
  • production management to bring a product to completion, liaising with graphic and digital designers, photographers, illustrators, proofers, printers, eBook developers and website owners, as relevant.

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See here for a portfolio listing of her written and published publications.