A writer, educator, presenter, and project manager
with a proven record of effectively bringing ideas to life. 



An experienced and published writer, Tricia has authored a wide range of information media: books, children's stories, leaflets, magazine columns and articles, information sheets, a board game, training programmes, support group modules and website content. She has written for all age groups, with her work being used both nationally and internationally. Tricia's specialty is information that builds resilience and good mental health, and that empowers those facing life's toughest situations. Her professional skills include all those needed to bring an information based resource from concept to reality. - read more here

Educator and Presenter

Tricia is skilled in turning research and information into educational media, tailored to a group's needs. She is well known for her engaging presentations and workshops. She brings a down to earth perspective, a sense of humour, a practical approach, and refreshing creativity. Tricia has been regularly interviewed by the media, reflective of her ability to express key thoughts clearly and memorably. - read more here




Project Manager

Tricia has efficiently managed many successful projects. She is a natural and experienced leader. She works well with people by maximizing their strengths, planning effectively, and bringing flexibility and encouragement into the mix. - read more here

Professional Supervisor

Tricia is also qualified as a professional supervisor. She particularly works with those working in the social services, youth or fmaily services, education, and the health sector. She uses a strengths based approach, looking to support and empower professionals in their work practice. She offers supervision by Skype or in person within the Wellington Region. - Contact her here.