Andrew Thompson

The University of Auckland, School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work - Lecturer and Researcher,  Registered Social Worker with the Paediatric Consult Liaison Team at Starship Children's Hospital, Auckland, NZ

I have enjoyed working with Tricia since 2001 when we first published “After your Child has Died", for newly bereaved parents. Tricia has some unique skills that are particularly valuable to the health sectors, the caring professions and non-government organisations. She is a prolific writer and publisher and has launched an extraordinary series of support resources during her time at Skylight.  She is also a very good listener and sensitive to the experience of traumatised people.  Tricia is held in very high regard in the grief and loss community and her knowledge of suicide and bereavement as a publisher, networker, speaker and trainer is unmatched in New Zealand.  I can also vouch for her project management skills, during the preparation of “Beyond Words”, she was juggling multiple projects and completed the work to a very high standard without dropping a ball.  If you have the opportunity to work with Tricia, you will find her to be a person of great integrity, kindness and good humour.

Dr Fiona Pienaar

Head of Clinical Services at Place2Be, London, UK.

It has been my absolute pleasure to both work and consult with Tricia Hendry over a number of years. Tricia has incredible knowledge of, and insight into, the mental health of children, young people and their families, particularly in the areas of grief, loss and change. Over time, Tricia has developed a wide range of resources to support those challenged by life stressors and those struggling with their mental health. I have, in the past, been in the fortunate position of working with Tricia in the development of resources and have experienced the highly professional and incredible depth of knowledge that she brings to this work. Her work is highly valued by professionals in the field and by those who are struggling and looking for resources in times of need. Tricia is also a consummate professional when it comes to presenting. Her confident and engaging manner, coupled with the insight and confidence with which she speaks, makes her a very sought-after speaker and one who I would confidently recommend. I highly recommend Tricia for her development of resources, public presentation skills and her knowledge of the processes of education.

Bice Awan

Formerly Chief Executive of Skylight, Wellington, NZ

I have worked together with Tricia at Skylight for over 15 years, I as the CE and Tricia for the last number of years as the Deputy CE as well as the National Manager of Publications and Information. During all the years I worked with Tricia she amazed me and, indeed, the community at large, with her depth of knowledge of the sensitive area of trauma, loss and grief.  She has the unique ability to translate this knowledge, through her writing skills, to make it both understandable and relevant to a broad spectrum of the community – professionals, agencies, individuals and businesses, to name but a few.  She has the gift of being able to demystify the subject matter yet honour its significance.

Tricia’s abilities are multifaceted in the area of writing. Her skills result in her being able to develop not only user-friendly resources but also tailored training programmes and presentations to meet specific audience needs. Indeed, when at Skylight, Tricia was always in demand as a preferred trainer on loss and grief related issues across New Zealand. I would have no hesitation in saying that Tricia is one of the key people in New Zealand who has the writing and training expertise in the complex areas of trauma, loss and grief.

Natalie Stephenson 

Manager of Parenting Place, Auckland, NZ

It has always been a pleasure working with Tricia.  She has been presenting in our parenting workshop programme every year since 2006 at The Parenting Place in Auckland.  Tricia is able to engage with parents and  other professionals with research based information, along with her personal stories.  In July 2014 she presented a workshop during  Loss & Grief Awareness week on the topic – Giving hope in a storm: Supporting grieving children and teens through a difficult loss.   Tricia presented to an audience of over 90 people which included social workers, teachers, funeral directors, counsellors, nannies and parents.  Here is some feedback from that session: "Tricia was very personable, brave, and gave good explanations and examples that communicated the important messages."  "Great, sincere – willing to share personally – good research.  Very much appreciated."

Mark Wotton

Graphic Designer, Mark Wotton Design, Wellington, NZ

From ideas and concepts, to writing content, understanding and managing production, and even marketing - Tricia is multi talented and skilled across all the disciplines needed to "make things happen". I've worked with Tricia for eight years now and have loved the way we have approached the task at hand, the wonderful work we have done together and also the positive feedback from a job well done.

Bronwyn Thomas

Format Print Business Development Manager, Petone, NZ

As a printer, it has been truly a pleasure working with Tricia over the past 12 years or so. She is such a professional and has always provided us with a feeling of inclusion in her projects. She has always respected my input regarding technical issues for publication productions and her passion for the "hard" stuff and the people it touches and helps has been my inspiration in doing my utmost to help her in every way I can. It's really a privilege to have met Tricia and to have had her as a person in my life. I hope she keeps adding her "tinkerbell" touch to everything she does.

Margaret Alve

Counsellor, Private and Cancer Society, Wellington, NZ

Tricia is an inspiring, informative, engaging & inspirational communicator. Tricia brings experience and wisdom whether speaking or working with individuals. Tricia has a great ability to use words to communicate both verbally and in the written word. When working with her she is able to grasp the ideas and concepts and produce material, teaching or workshops to a very high standard. She is an efficient project manager with the ability to lead a team or work individually and meets deadlines. I have been inspired and learnt so much from Tricia. I highly recommend her to you.

Jo Hood

International Director, mainly music International, Melbourne, Australia

Publications written by Tricia Hendry have always been our top ‘go to’ resources. Her material has been distributed to families working through grief connected with our organisation. Whether the situation has been baby born sleeping, death, natural disaster or prolonged sickness, Tricia’s words have brought about understanding to those who have read the publications she has written.