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Tricia Hendry is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

She is well known for the wide range of writing, publications, columns, web content, presentations, workshops, and media work she has offered for over 20 years. Her specialty is information that builds resilience, good mental health and wellbeing, especially in the face of life's toughest situations.

When personally widowed by suicide, Tricia looked for ways to move forwards and to support her three young children to do the same. A natural information seeker, she read widely about trauma and grief, sourced strategies and insights from those who'd 'been there', and explored the latest research. Since that time she's gained many years of experience supporting and empowering others through trauma, loss, and grief of all kinds.

When it comes to getting through hard times, Tricia knows that no one size approach fits all. She knows that good information is empowering and, at times, life transforming. She ensures a sound, research based approach for all the information she writes and presents. She believes in offering a variety of support options, tools, and ideas, rather than a defined prescription to be followed.

Tricia currently works independent for a wide range of client organisations. She is also a qualified professional supervisor, providing focused support for those working in the front line in helping professions of many kinds. Previously, she was Deputy Chief Executive at Skylight until 2014, a specialist trauma, loss and grief support organisation in New Zealand. Before that, Tricia's background was in high school teaching, youth work and community support work.

"Grief kicks in after any difficult change or loss - it's the process we're wired for. Grief helps us adjust to the reality of what's happened and gradually become able to move forward. Living with significant change, loss, trauma, and grief is one of the most confronting experiences humans can face. The bigger the loss, the greater the grief. Once you've 'been there' yourself, you realise why giving support to others on the grief road can make a significant difference to their wellbeing - and to our whole community's mental health and wellbeing." - Tricia Hendry


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