Technology has made the world a smaller place, so wherever you are,
I am happy to work with you to bring your ideas and projects to life.

Writing Services

Well crafted, clearly expressed, easy to read content that is carefully tailored to its audience.

  • articles
  • leaflets
  • booklets
  • handbooks
  • books
  • website content
  • newsletters
  • editing 

Tricia also offers project and production planning and management.

She can prepare effective content to the ready-to-print stage. Or, if required, can readily manage its full production in consultation with graphic and digital designers, photographers, illustrators, proofers, printers, E book designers and website owners.


Tricia can liaise with you, and with those a project is being developed for, to devise engaging education media for children, youth or adults, or specialist groups, on request. She works collaboratively alongside  other professionals, as needed.

  • information sheets
  • information based web material
  • themed activity sheets or workbooks
  • educational or therapeutic games
  • group educational activities or programmes

Some examples of this work Tricia has developed and managed are:

The Getting Stronger Game and topic card sets, Along the Track programme for children impacted by domestic violence, Managing Trauma, Loss and Grief in the Workplace training workshop programme for workplace leaders, Skylight's youth support video series Getting Through Tough Times,  and the two workbooks for children now used widely after trauma, disaster and loss: Something has Happened and When Tough Stuff Happens.

Presentations and Workshops

Tricia's workshops and presentations can be adapted to any number or venue.

Her style is engaging, down to earth, encouraging and practical. She ensures content is research based, current and motivating. Tricia is used to presenting to a wide range of age groups and sectors, including professional groups, community groups and young people.  See endorsements here.

From conference presentations to  day long workshops, anything is possible. Contact her to discuss what you have in mind.

Specialist topics:

  • Trauma, loss and grief - understanding them, their effects on different ages and stages, and getting through them as well as possible
  • Resilience - what it is, ways to build it up in children, youth, adults, families and communities - and why
  • Suicide  - understanding it, suicide bereavement and ways to support those impacted by it
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Compassion Fatigue  - what is is, its prevention and ways to get through it
  • Professional Burnout - what is is, its prevention and ways to get through it
  • Disaster Recovery - the key psychosocial elements, for all ages, that can make the difference and how

Tricia has presented to small teams, large groups, community hui, conferences in NZ and internationally, symposiums, young people, children, service groups and through video and television.