Helpful Supervision Preparation Prompts

See below are some prompt questions to use as you prepare for your next supervision session.

What do I need most from my next supervision session?
Which topic/s would I most like to talk about this time?

  • Was there anything I agreed last time to think about? Get ready? Bring along? Find out?

  • What have been my ‘professional wins’ since my last session? Things that have gone especially well? Feedback that’s been positive? An achievement worth celebrating?

  • How have I used my strengths in my work? How has this gone for me?

  • Have I had any ‘aha’ or ‘lightbulb’ moments at work that will influence my future work?

  • Have I read, heard, or seen anything new that I’ve found particularly helpful or inspiring for my work?

  • What things have been going on at work that have been most challenging for me?

  • Am I worrying or stressing about aspects of my work? Have I lost sleep going over any issue/s?

  • Is any current issue winding me up and making me frustrated, angry, or resentful at work?

  • Is there any past work issue, even from years ago, that plays on my mind and still affects me?

  • How are my work relationships going? Have I found any colleague/s uncomfortable to work with?

  • Have I found any client, or client case, especially challenging? Complicated? Distressing? Triggering?

  • Is there a client case or work event I’d like to discuss? For example, how might I have handled it differently
    and gained a better outcome?

  • Is there anything I’d like to learn more about, or skills I can gain or improve on, to help me in my work? How could this be arranged?

  • Have any ethical issues concerned me at work?

  • Have issues relating to others’ culture, faith, beliefs, or world view challenged me?

  • Has anything been going on for me personally that has impacted by work? How has it affected my work exactly? Have my workmates been aware of this?

  • How are my levels of empathy and compassion for others right now?

  • How has my general self-care been going?

  • How is my overall health and wellbeing right now?

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